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Read with attention!

IGT-SP projects are available on a public page with their open data.


Confidential data is reserved for authorized agents registered in its system, through the following process:

1) on the main page access in the upper right corner: Login;

2) request registration as a member of the IGT-SP filling in all required fields (incomplete registrations will be rejected);

3) request one of the options below in the function field:

3.1) Researcher;

3.2) Trainee;

3.3) Volunteer;

3.4) Operating institution;

3.5) Supplier institution;

3.6) Sponsor institution;

4) Wait for a confirmation email.

5) After confirmation, access our solutions which are composed of:

5.1) Public website;

5.2) Project management intranet;

5.3) Project operation intranet.

IGT-SP is not responsible for any use of data or information disclosed on its website without prior authorization.

By filling in and sharing your data with IGT-SP, you are accepting our data protection policy, which is in compliance with the LGPD - General Data Protection Law - LAW No. 13.709, OF AUGUST 14, 2018


To learn more, visit: 

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